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It looks like schools are starting various practices again and we, the lacrosse board, are reaching out to gauge the Sprague LAX community interest in beginning practices again.

There are a number of logistics that we will need to figure out:

  • Where to practice, since last we heard, due to covid, the school practice field is closed to club sports.
  • We need a head coach
  • We need a board president

If you are interested in starting up LAX practice please email

For parents interested in joining the Sprague LAX board also email and we will get you added to an upcoming Zoom meeting.


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Attention Seniors!

Posted by Sprague Lacrosse at May 3, 2020 8:54PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Seniors. Here is the link to the Connor James Memorial scholarship application

If applicants could complete application by May 25

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Are you looking for registration forms?

Posted by Sprague Lacrosse at Dec 15, 2019 4:05PM PST ( 0 Comments )

All registration forms can be found under the “media” tab.


Congrats Sprague Lacrosse on great start to the season. We enjoy following the team! Just a reminder to seniors to consider applying for the Connor James Memorial scholarship. Our family is always humbled and honored to be able to provide an opportunity for a Sprague lax player to advance their dream. Remember, in addition to traditional academic programs, trade schools are also supported! Good luck and all the best for the remainder of the season!